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    Heal your past, make your present clear and manifest your future prosperity

    I have no doubt, that like most people you want to lead a comfortable and wealthy life that is free from any diseases and traumas. However, very often it seems that  life decides otherwise and instead is toying with you, as if you were a paper boat in stormy waters. I might guess you have probably already tried many well known methods . Have you managed to achieve great success?

    Hypnotherapy is a powerful method that will allow you to do the most incredible and impossible things in your life. Your ordinary view of life will change completely. Hypnotherapy gives you an opportunity for an entirely different way of thinking and acting so that you can get exactly what you want in your life.

    We all can make mistakes in life, and then we dream about how great it would be to go back to our past and make everything right. Mistakes can be fixed almost as if you have been back into your past.

    How the mind works

    “The mind is it’s own place and itself can make a heaven of hell and a hell of heaven” John Milton


    How mind works ?

    We have two different levels of mind, the conscious and subconscious mind. They respond to two different functions. The conscious mind responds to our will power, temporary memory and our analytical thought process so we look at the problem and solution. Rational thinking means why we do things we do. The chief powers of the conscious mind are reason, form , logic, judgment, calculation and a moral sense. Also it gives us the sense of awareness in our normal waking life, the knowledge that we are ourselves here and now, the recognition and understanding of our environment.

    However a real you lives below conscious mind, in the subconscious mind . Rooted to instinct, is our security and protection. The subconscious mind is responible for permanent memory, everything that happened in our life is recorded here, including sights , sounds, smells and feelings . Using hypnosis and regression we can access any memory from life vividly even you can’t remember consciously.

    Thus the subconscious mind is not only a our life storage but also a powerful energy with which anyone can be charged to recover a persons real strength, courage and faith in themselves.

    The subconscious mind is beyond time and space. The power of subconscious mind is intuition, emotion, inspiration suggestions and memory .

    Subconscious mind language is imagination and learning by repetition .

    There is a basic law of the mind : Whenever your conscious mind and subconscious mind are in conflict your subconscious mind always wins !

    No matter how strong your desires, how insistent your prayers are , you will always lose out if they conflict with your imagination.

    What is hypnosis?

    There is plenty of evidence that the phenomenon of hypnotic trance has been used by humanity for eons.

    Hypnosis is a lot like daydreaming. When you daydream you alter your state of consciousness to the alpha and theta frequency and then engage in your imagination.

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein

    It’s a perfectly normal, safe healthy phenomenon that we engage in from time to time. Hypnosis is a technique for enabling you to achieve this altered state of consciousness, deliberately and to direct your attention to specific goals so the goals will be achieved.

    Hypnosis is one of the most valuable tools in the world today for the enrichment of lives. With hypnosis undesirable habits can be broken, desirable habits can be created.

    Every sort of human problem can be dealt with and resolved.

    Hypnosis is a tool for therapeutic purposes in hypnotherapy with extraordinary results.


    Rapid Transformational Therapy is a pioneering therapy created by world renowned therapist with over three decades of experience Marisa Peer.

    RTT™ is a revolutionary therapeutic method based on neuroscience that offers fast and effective results.

    It’s a powerful method of changing any area of your life by rewiring your old faulty thinking pattern.



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