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    Behind most addiction is unresolved trauma…

    Substance related and addictive disorders are complex and can cause significant consequences for the individual. Addiction is a chronic condition where a person is unable to stop taking a substance or engaging an activity despite negative effects on their life.

    Addictions have clear physical and psychological effects.

    Behind most addiction is unresolved trauma and the core of addiction is not being present in life and to avaoid pain because life is too painful a place to be. Emptiness, self-doubt and emotional neglect are often reasons for alcohol abuse.  Trying by yourself to get rid of bad habits or addiction is usually not possible until the reason for the addiction is resolved.

    Alcoholism is the most severe drinking problem. When a person is unable to function without regularly consuming alcohol they become alcohol dependent.

    According to World Health Organization (WHO) globally 3.3 million deaths every year is from harmful use of alcohol.

    Long term and unhealthy amounts of alcohol will develop damage to the body and mind.

    Hypnosis has a very important role to play helping in addictions.

    • resolving traumas and repair the damage
    • reprogram mind to new positive patterns
    • help to reactivate the feelings of well- being


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