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    How do I heal my broken heart? I’m lost how do I move on?

    Almost everyone at one time or another is affected by a broken heart and it is usually the most painful and devastating of traumas. Can we get over it and remove this pain of heartbreak?

    And regain emotional balance and happiness.

    Starting over after painful breakup and divorce can be the most challenging experience of life and for most of us is devastating , usually beyond anything we could have expected or imagined. We feel lost, in despair and hopeless our time just passing by and each moment seems like never ending. We feel abandoned and lost in our empty life. Inside ourselves we fight what has happened, questioning ‘Will I ever stop feeling so lonely?’

    How do I heal my broken heart? I’m lost how do I move on?

    And on and on….

    At first it is difficult to believe you will ever recover because of the intense pain and shock. After breakups our feelings may vary depending on the reason responsible for ending the relationship. Very often we face a sense of betrayal, rejection, bitterness, extreme disappointment, anger, guilt or anxiety.

    In addition we experience a problem with forgiveness and a fear of getting hurt again.


    Every human being is able to recover from heartbreak and achieve a happy and fulfilling life.

    No matter how much pain you feel and how much you ever cry, your heart is still beating and you are breathing.

    When you lose something that matters to you it is very normal to feel sad and devastated, however you don’t have to keep suffering this pain over and over again.

    Transform and light up your life with hypnosis

    Using RTT and hypnosis techniques

    • you will get rid of obsessive thinking
    • you will remove your emotional pain
    • freeing yourself from jealousy
    • stop attracting wrong people to your life
    • you will create positive emotional energy around your future relationship
    • regain your confidence and open the door to brand new love
    • you will change destructive relationship patterns

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