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    Allow yourself to see what you don’t allow yourself to see

    Confidence is our ability to cope with the challenges of life, believing in our right to be successful and happy, feeling worthy, feeling entitled to assert our needs and wants, achieve our values and enjoy the results of our efforts. The word confidence comes from the Latin “confidere’’ meaning “to trust’’ which simply means having trust in something you are supposed to do. Whatever a persons problem is the common denominator is always a deeper issue; a sense of inadequacy of NOT BEING ENOUGH, lack of self acceptance, lack of self love. In other words a problem of low self esteem. As human beings we have the ability to be aware of ourselves and also to place a value of worth to ourselves. Self-esteem refers to how we view and think about ourselves as a person. Having a negative overall opinion, judging and placing negative value on oneself as a person creates low self -esteem which has a huge impact on many aspects of person life , at work , in personal relationships, in self care.

    How hypnotherapy can help?

    After session you will be able to achieve:

    • Improve your awareness of your self worth.
    • Improving your relationships.
    • Succeed at work.
    • Develop positive feelings.
    • Step outside your comfort zone.
    • Upgrade quality of life.

    Whatever the issues causing your feeling of low confidence, today you can stop feeling that way !



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