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    It is not what you know that hurts you, it is what you know that it is not so

    Depression is a growing mental health problem in todays world. Depression is more accurately considered a disorder than a disease, there is no single cause and is usually a complex disorder. It effects all age groups regardless of educational gender, on many levels ranging from emotional and physical to social and financial ones. You are not a sick person, you are someone who has not been taught to develop the specific ways of thinking, feeling or behaving that insulate you agains life difficulties. Depression can be a completely normal response to painful circumstances. The more complex our world gets the more things we face that need to be handled. Depression involves an intricate set of projection about yourself and life. Your beliefs and harsh, hurtful, critical words you say to yourself over and over and over again. Having internal dialogue is normal but believing the negative thoughts is unnecessary and hurtful. When you are depressed almost everything is overwhelming, simple tasks seem difficult and difficult tasks seem impossible to achieve. Trapped in a negative world you feel powerless to do even anything to change it! It is called “learned helplessness”.

    Through hypnotherapy treatment you will make a profound change, it can help you in many ways, such as gaining control over your thoughts and negative emotions, boost your optimism and help think positively, return to your life, find the meaning of your life, let go of old outcomes and focus on doing your best, develop and improve relationships.
    It time to break the cycle.



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