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    Hypnotic gastric band.

    A hypnotic gastric band is the perfect treatment if you have spent most of your life or always have been overweight, if you tried most diet in the past and subsequently put weight back again, if you want to loose a large amount of weight.

    How it works?

    A gastric band is a surgical operation which reduces available space in your stomach.  A hypnotic gastric band is a psychological procedure that convinces your subconscious mind that you had a real operation and from that moment your body will start to behave as after a real operation. Your mind will know when you have enough food and will restrict your eating, you will be quicker to feel full in your stomach. While you are eating much less food you might change your food preferences from eating junk and unhealthy food to choosing more hightly nutritious healthy food.

    With Hypnotic gastric band there is no physical operation so no physical risk and it’s totally save and painless treatment.

    After Hypnotic gastric band procedure:

    • be prepared to limit your eating.
    • be prepared to feel positive about yourself.
    • finally be prepared to know yourself as a thin person.


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