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    Overcome insomnia with hypnotherapy.

    Insomnia is more than just transient sleep difficulties, it is a constant problem with sleep and usually is a sign of a troubled mind. Sleep is a natural restoration and one of the most important processes for optimal health. The exact role and function of sleep is a restorative purpose both psychological and physiological, recharging human energy, repairing injuries or illnesses. Some people suffer from difficulty falling asleep also called onset insomnia, some people wake up on and off during the night, some just constantly experiencing unsatisfactory sleep quality. Surprisingly in todays world insomnia is the most common psychological health problem where approximately 15 -30 % of population suffers from insomnia. Very often a problem with sleep is associated with other psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Although insomnia might not seem like a big problem, it can cause more common health damages such as :

    • low mood
    • poor concentration
    • trouble with performance at work
    • dependence on sleeping medication
    • less quality of life

    How hypnotherapy will help ?

    During hypnotherapy sessions the deep problem of insomnia in subconscious mind will be triggered. Also hypnosis is a great tool for devolping relaxation techniques to help a client to relax so they can easily achieve sleep.

    • finally reset vicious circle of insomnia.
    • sleep easy and effortlessly very night .
    • learn self hypnosis for relaxation
    • every morning wake up fresh and energetic

    Say goodbye to stressful and restless sleep.



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