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    Stop smoking with hypnosis.

    Smoking is a very unhealthy and expensive habit. People who have been able to quit smoking successfully claimed that 70% had made one or two previously unsuccessful attempts, 20% made three or five previously unsuccessful attempts and 9 % made 6 or more previously unsuccessful attempts. So why is so hard to quit smoking?

    Smoking becomes a habit as nicotine is a very addictive substance. Directly responsible for 87 % of lung cancer and most cases of emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Smoking is a major factor in coronary heart disease and strokes.

    “Smoking, The mental trap ‘’

    As we know 12 % our brain is a conscious, critical, analytical part of the brain. It is the will power of our mind which wants to stop smoking, the part of our brain which says this is stupid, unhealthy , expensive. You might ask yourself constantly “why am I doing this? It’s crazy! ‘’ etc. But the other 88 % of our mind is a subconscious mind which wants to keep you smoking, one of the reason why is because subconscious mind is designed to see things exactly how they are and really believes that smoking helps you survive . However your brain is wired to your programming regarding cigarettes your subconscious mind will continue repeating the same. No matter how strong your will power is to stop smoking it will loose against subconscious mind.

    How hypnosis can help

    No matter how long you have been smoking and how much if you are serious about quitting you will succeed with hypnosis for good. Hypnosis works on the psychological habit , physical addiction and emotional problems.

    • Enjoying a healthier, fuller and longer life.
    • Enjoying more money to spend on things you like.
    • Be proud to be non-smoker and motivate others.

    Enjoy your life as a non-smoker!



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