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    Freeing yourself from anxiety using hypnosis.


    There are couple of ways to deal with stess as a quick fixes:

    1. SMOKING – feels like relaxing and calming you but is actually a stimulant and expensive, damaging your health.
    2. ALCOHOL – Expensive, smelly, depressant, damaging your health.
    3. OVER-EATING and UNDER-EATING – has no effect on stress then adds to it by causing weight gain or illness.
    4. DRUGS – Expensive, damaging health and relationships.

    NONE OF THESE WILL CURE STRESS. All of them will temporarily take your mind off it for a while briefly but in the long term they actually increase the pressure and will also make you ill.

    Anxiety is a natural human reaction to danger and is rooted in a human’s survival instinct.

    When you are anxious you are imagining what might go wrong in the future and also recalling what’s went wrong in the past. This state of constantly frightening thoughts creates a permanent state of fright and agitation.

    Thanks to hypnosis you achieve a deep state of relaxation and replace destructive negative thoughts with powerful positive thoughts.

    After hypnotherapy you will:

    • learn to live in the present moment.
    • experience mind and body relaxation.
    • make your destructive beliefs disappear.
    • learn a new calmer way of thinking.
    • learn to control thoughts and feelings.


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